5 Day Hostile Environment Awareness Training Course

TENSHO has, over the years, developed some of the most advanced training programs found on the African continent. Our reputation has allowed us to employ the worlds’ most sought-after instructors and lecturers from law enforcement and military institutions. Having operated in high risk and hostile environments we bring cutting edge training technologies and methodologies to our training programs.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training is vital for anyone working in risk-associated, politically unstable or conflict zone environments. TENSHO’s training program encompasses various training modules that provide comprehensive exposure to country-specific issues and is designed to place participants in realistic situations.

The learning program ratio is 30% theory and 70% practical. The simulations include:

  • Abductions and hostage survival
  • Environment-specific weapons
  • Roadblocks
  • Ambush situation
  • Advanced driving
  • Medical Intervention.

After each simulation, a thorough “After Action Review” (AAR) is conducted whereby Tensho evaluates the individual’s performance.

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