Airborne Quick Reaction Force For Civil Unrest and Criminal Activity

Tensho’s Airborne QRF provides an “insertion extraction” solution to civil unrest and criminal activity.


During civil unrest, riots or criminal assault, exiting the premises to safety is often not possible, leaving personnel and assets in immediate danger. Tensho’s helicopter emergency response, inserts specialist tactical officers by helicopter into the client’s premises and immediately evacuates key personnel by helicopter.

Scope of service

The airborne QRF, currently provided within a 30km radius of Rand Airport, is on standby during the period of 06:00hrs to 18:00hrs, Monday to Friday, to facilitate civil unrest and criminal activity. Alternatively, a 24/7 solution can be provided. The service is activated through a panic button (App) which will initiate the insertion of three specialist tactical operators into the premises and the subsequent air evacuation of 3 (max 6) key personnel. The specialist tactical operators will remain on site to protect remaining personnel and property for 12 hours (unless the threat is neutralized prior to 12 hours). A predetermined helicopter landing zone(s) will be identified on or close to the client’s premises.

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