Security Services

At TENSHO we understand that no one client’s requirements are the same when it comes to protection. Therefore we believe that each client requires a different approach based on the threat at hand. Our tailor made protective security solutions help our clients to conduct business in a commercial or hostile setting. Our services accommodate high and low threat environments and a comprehensive threat analysis is designed and reviewed based on the environment in which our client finds themselves.

Recent political unrest paints an uneasy picture for South Africa’s future. Civil unrest and strikes in many commercial and mining sectors have become the norm in South Africa due to political and economic instability. Service delivery, corruption and wage disputes have incited violent protests in 2016 and 2017 which have caused severe injury and death to protestors and civilians. Damage to private and public property during these protests amount to billions or Rand.

TENSHO provides services to counter such destruction to property and life. Commercial riot preparedness and evacuation teams can be placed at the clients premises to deal with the escalation of civil unrest. TENSHO’s highly specialised personnel and protection teams have been trained tactically for such protests in order to mitigate the risk and advise the client in real time of the situation at hand.

TENSHO provides a holistic approach to personal protection. All aspects which could impact our client’s safety are reviewed and analysed. It may be required that we review our clients social standings, wealth, health and reputation to draft a risk analysis to determine the level of threat. Transportation, routes and destinations are carefully analysed. Former police and military personnel with integrated training and experience in commercial and hostile environments are used on our projects. Our teams are professional and have experience in commercial and hostile environments.
Our mobile team personnel consist of qualified and highly experienced ex-military and specialised police members. Our mobile security teams enable our clients to move safely and securely in hostile, high-risk and volatile environments. Our transportation methods are safe and are suitably configured to meet the client’s requirement. Whilst our client is conducting business in these types of environments they are continuously briefed on the context of the specific hostile environment. We prepare our clients thoroughly and continually discuss the fundamentals of ground movements, route planning, contingency planning and first respondent medical support in the event of an incident.

Understanding the challenges within commercial and hostile environments, we provide comprehensive armed and unarmed guarding solutions supported by state of the art operational monitoring centres. Tensho risk management approach and physical security concepts are based on trusted methodologies developed over a combined period of 40 years within various industries and hostile environments.

Our experience:

  • Residential guarding for enclosures and estates
  • Armed cargo escort and Armed cargo road side assistance
  • Commercial guarding for industrial properties and distribution centres
  • Retail guarding
  • Government Institutions
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Sport stadiums
  • Hotel and leisure
  • Automotive Industry
  • Military and police training
  • Tactical Aviation training
  • Armed escorts and PSD teams (Personal security detail)
  • Fraud and theft Investigations
  • Cellular tracing and tracking
TENSHO provides armed convoy security for high value cargo being transported by sea, air or land. Armed convoys or armed driver assistants can be provided depending on the clients requirements. We provide highly trained personnel, equipment, vehicles and aircraft in support of these operations.
TENSHO provides a holistic solution for personal protection, extractions and the transportation of valuable goods via our air wing. When required Tensho will provide the appropriate aircraft and will critically and uniquely maintain the integrity of the operation by using "in house pilots" and not involving third parties. Whether the task is moving valuable cargo in Johannesburg via helicopter, transporting a family from Cairo to Cape Town in an executive jet or extracting a principal from a remote location in Somalia, Tensho remains a global leader in specialist aviation operations in Africa.
TENSHO provides detection dog teams for various security and prevention tasks. Explosive and drug sniffer dogs are utilized in commercial and hostile environments. This further minimises the risk to the client and increases early detection protocol capabilities.
TENSHO provides protection to individuals who are faced with a level of threat that does not allow them to continue within their normal environment in the short or long term. Our safe houses are strategically placed and equipped with of state of the art systems. Our protection teams consist of former special police, military and intelligence members who are specifically trained for these projects.
TENSHO assists clients who are confronted with the complexities of extortion and blackmail. We advise our clients on strategy, implement systems and provide protection and specialised resolution services. 
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